The Cave

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Beautiful turquoise  lagoon in the middle of the desert.

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Butterfly Queen

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Sea Star

The fourth, and final, painting in the “Ocean Life” series:

Sea Star


The third painting in the “Ocean Life” series:


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The second painting in the “Ocean Life” series is here:


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Angel Fish

Part of a four-piece series, Ocean Life, here comes the first one:

Angel Fish


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Back by Popular Demand

Well, kind of, sort of…

The thing is, since I moved the blog to its own domain (and self-hosted environment) the number of visits kind of plummeted. Which is, you know, not nice. I mean, it’s horrible! Really.

So, here I am! Back to my old blog, trying to publicize my art the best I can. Still trying to figure out what is the best combination of online tools in order to publicize my paintings. (If fellow artists are reading this and feel like sharing their own experience I’ll be more than happy to listen and take notice.)

Without further ado, watch out for new postings with my forthcoming paintings! 🙂

One Life Ends — Another Begins

In other words, I am moving this blog to a new home:

Please update your RSS feeds, bookmarks, etc. I am looking forward to meet you there!

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